General information

Our VISION is to be a holding company striving to maximize the value of the projects under our management (the “Projects”) in the interests of the Gazprom Group.

Our STRATEGY to achieve this vision and long-term value creation is as follows:

  • Efficient and cost-effective corporate governance of the Projects and decision-making;
  • Generating income from the Projects and allocating it to intra-group and external investment and financing opportunities;
  • Achieving and maintaining goal congruence of the Gazprom Group and the Projects operators;
  • Forging close business ties with international partners, global financial institutions and consulting companies;
  • Creating a forum where different Projects stakeholders from various cultural, professional and national backgrounds can share opinions, interact and collaborate, and eventually build up trust which is necessary for effective cooperation;
  • Merge Russian, West European and Asian best business practices through carefully studying ways of doings business of our partners in the Projects;
  • Attract, retain and grow effective leaders and professionals who can contribute to these strategic objectives.

To achieve our strategy, we are developing the organization and culture dedicated to long-term value creation while acting with integrity and in compliance with all applicable legislation.